Saving you money and time!

The most effective way to clean and sort through your items in your storage unit is to keep in mind, Store, Keep, Sell and Throw away

Store, seasonal items such as holiday or special occasion decorations, make sure to label the boxes such as Christmas, Halloween, graduation, etc.

Keep, items that you want to take home with you and put to use.

Sell items you no longer need, such as clothing, dishes, toys, etc. You can also donate them to a nonprofit agency.

Throw away the items that are no longer working properly or broken and unrepairable.

It’s very important to not to store important documents such as legal documents (birth certificates, death certificates, school documentations, etc.) or personal photos (individual/family photos). We would recommend to have those important documents in a separate plastic tote in your closet.

When you organize your storage unit, make sure to put items that alike in the same box such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Make sure to label and date it, so if you are looking for a certain item, it would be easy to locate and it will save you time.

With removing and organizing your storage, it will save you money and time!

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