How to make moving easier

We all know how daunting moving can be! The boxes, the packing, the lugging of old things we can’t let go of; its all too much to bear and with so little time! Here at SPS we empathize with you, we understand how hectic and demanding a move can be. We put together a list of helpful tips to make your nightmare move into a packing vacation!

First things first! We have to declutter! We have to face it, there are just some things we don’t need anymore! From it being our mom’s old lamp that shocks you every time you turn it on, or an old dresser that falls apart every time you open it! We’ve seen it all! Of course, we understand certain items hold sentimental value but think about the memories your mom’s lamp can make with another family. That alone is already such a great reason!
At SPS, we think it’s important to go through your belongings every few months and donate, sell or simply throw out items you don’t need anymore. Having less things to pack up cuts your moving time in half. The more stuff you get rid of, the less stuff you have to move!

Start Packing Early!
Start packing months in advance! That one sounds easy enough but when you have a busy life that consists of school, kids, work and life in general; things can get forgotten. We think its important to set some time apart for packing! Whether it be some time in the morning before work where you pack away dishes you rarely use, or in the afternoon when you can sit down and go through what’s in the back of your closet. Anything makes a difference!
It doesn’t always have to be a task! Start small! Have boxes set up around your home to pack things away while you have some down time. Whether you have too many accent pillows or books you want to put away, do it while you wait for something to cook or while you watch your favorite YouTube channel and by the time you have to start packing, the smaller stuff will already be done!

Make A Checklist!
Lists! Lists! Lists! It’s important to list all the task you need to complete leading up to and on the moving day! This can include decluttering, packing, hiring a moving company and our favorite; leasing a storage unit! Make a list of every room in your home. Declutter in sections and pack away as much and as early as you can. List the companies you have to call, your movers, utilities, especially to have your home internet transferred to avoid any delays.
If you are moving into a smaller home, or are in need of some extra space, leasing a unit for cheap is always a good idea. That’s where Security Public Storage comes in. List the items you don’t need in your new home and figure out how much space it takes up. Stop by our facility and find the right size for your stuff. Keep that list with you and if you declutter as months go by, you can always downsize! Or if you need a bigger unit you can always upgrade! We’re here for your every storage need!

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